Борис Петрович Середа, Карина Володимирівна Бєлоконь, Юрій Олександрович Бєлоконь, Дмитро Олегович Кругляк, Дмитро Борисович Середа


The kinetic characteristics oxidation processes of propane on an intermetallic catalyst of the composition Ni-Co-Mn-Cu-Al are determined. On the basis of the modified model of Mars-Van Crevelin, effective reaction rate constants and activation energies were obtained. For the oxidation of propane on a Ni-Al-Co-Mn-Cu catalyst, the activation energy is 65.5 kJ/mol, which is 1.2 times lower than the activation energy of Ni-Al alloys.

Ключові слова

intermetallic catalyst; Mars-Van Crevelen model; reaction rate constant; activation energy

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