• Дмитро Борисович Середа Dniprovsky State Technical University, Україна


Ключові слова:

modeling, optimization, variation interval, regression analysis, carbon material, protective coating, corrosion, heat resistance


The paper discusses methods for obtaining alloyed chromium-alloyed coatings and the search for optimal powder mixtures that allow the formation of protective coatings on CCCM under non-stationary temperature conditions. Refractory compounds, primarily carbides, borides, nitrides and silicides, as well as alloys based on them, can be promising materials for applying protective coatings. In addition to protection against oxidation, coatings made of refractory compounds have high hardness and wear resistance. The implementation of the application of protective coatings on high-carbon materials is difficult for a number of reasons. This concerns the low wettability of the carbon surface by refractory metals, low adhesion of the coating to the substrate, which largely depends on the thermophysical properties of the coating, and also the choice of coating components depending on the operating conditions of the finished product. Under non-stationary temperature conditions, it is possible to obtain coatings of various chemical compositions by varying the amount and content of alloying additives. The gas-transport method of applying coatings using UTC makes it possible to obtain CCCM with enhanced physical and mechanical properties, without requiring high energy costs and time.


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