Борис Петрович Середа, Юрій Олександрович Бєлоконь, Дмитро Борисович Середа


Mathematical model aimed at obtaining NiAl alloys with a given structure and properties is proposed and implemented, based on the use of data on the features of the physical modeling of the thermochemical pressing process. For a mathematical description of the process of extrusion of a high-temperature synthesis product, it is necessary to determine a system of equations that takes into account the distribution of the thermo-kinetic and rheological properties of the synthesis product in a mold and caliber. High-temperature synthesis of intermetallic compound NiAl in a powder mixture of pure elements in the conditions of thermochemical pressing allows to obtain an intermetallic alloy with an average grain size of ~ 40—50 microns.

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mathematical model; thermochemical pressing; intermetallic alloys; structure; grain size

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