Олег Павлович Максименко, Олександр Вікторович Нікулін, Дар'я Ігорівна Лобойко


Further analysis of limit rolling conditions in a stable mode with clarification of the mechanism of longitudinal stability of the strip in the rolls and development of recommendations on this issue.

Estimation of longitudinal stability of the strip based on the determination of the average resulting internal longitudinal forces.

The use of a new limit condition for a stable rolling process, based on the determination of the average resultant force of plastically deformed metal, is developed and substantiated.

For the first time, the criterion for optimization of the tension regimes for the construction of energy-saving rolling technology was proposed to use the values of the average resultant longitudinal forces of plastically deformable of the strip, which allowed proving the feasibility of conducting the process at close to zero values of this force.

Using the proposed criteria can more accurately determine the limit conditions of rolling, which in turn allows further improve compression and tension modes for continuous production of strips and sheets on the conditions under which the deformation process will proceed in optimum conditions in terms of energy and longitudinal stability strips and sheets in rolls.

Ключові слова

longitudinal stability; angle of neutral intersection; coefficient of friction; limit conditions

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ISSN 2519-8106 (Print), eISSN 2519-8114 (Online)